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Why PHP is the Preferred Programming Language for Web Development Projects

Every business needs a professionally designed and intuitive website that can attract leads, boost sales and differentiate the brand from its competitors making it stand out. In the modern era, more and more brands are thus adopting modern technologies and modern website development platforms such as PHP for website development. Today PHP is the programming language of choice for developing websites and web apps and as many as 79% of websites are built using PHP. Let us see what makes PHP so popular.

#1. PHP is free and open-source general purpose scripting language

PHP is an open-source scripting language which is free to download and use. Being free of cost and readily available, it reduces development cost and is ideal to build cost effective websites and eCommerce platforms and web applications. Moreover, the language provides world-class support and enables easy scalability by adding more servers to the website when needed.

#2. Compatible with various operating systems

PHP is platform independent and is compatible with various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc. Moreover, it supports most web browsers and web servers, due to which it is easy to deploy on different systems and platforms.

#3. Secure and reliable

Most people believe that PHP is vulnerable. But that’s the case with any other programming language too. In reality, PHP is a highly secure and reliable programming language. It all depends on how the programmer writes the codes. Also, you are required to make some efforts to enhance security. Keep your PHP install up to date, perform checks at input and output and keep your whole server up to date. And that’s it!

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#4 PHP offers plenty of development tools

Another reason why PHP is the preferred language for web development is that PHP offers plenty of development tools and resources such as detailed documentation, ready to use scripts, and well supported frameworks to help developers increase programming efficiency. Furthermore, PHP tools make developers more productive and allow them to efficiently build engaging, innovative and feature-rich PHP applications. Also, they make it easier for developers to add specific features or functionalities to their websites and web apps.

#5 Connects to several databases 

PHP is a very flexible language when it comes to database connectivity. It can connect to several database management systems such as PostgreSQL, open-source relational MySQL, MongoDB, MS-SQL, SQLite, and more. Among the wide range of databases, the most common choice of clients is MySQL since it is free and open-source software. In addition to these, PHP can also be effectively used with other non-relational databases such as Elastic Search, Redis.

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